July 7th, 2052: What happens in Milwaukee stays in Milwaukee...right?

The radio alarm woke me up this morning. I would have liked being woken up with music or something, but instead it was some ‘breaking news’ report. I was half asleep still, and kept hitting the snooze button. All I could make out of it was something was going on in Milwaukee, that it was not expected and not what they thought it was, or something. What a pain. At least I don’t have to work today…or tomorrow for that matter. Part time jobs work best for me. They give me just enough to pay the rent, and whatever’s left over goes for food. Speaking of which, I need to write out a grocery list.

I was going to watch TV today until I turned it on. Every single channel had news bars taped across the bottom of the screen. It’s hard to focus on what I’m watching if every five minutes a buzzer sounds and that annoying red bar blinks. Lillian worked today. She works every day, so there was no use calling her to see what she’s doing. I sat for a half an hour, debating whether or not I wanted to take a walk. I gave up quickly on that idea when I looked at the temperature. 98 degrees with abnormally high humidity. Absolutely not. Even if I had a garden, there’s no chance I’d get to take care of it if every day of summer was like this!

Noon came around and I made lunch with whatever I could find in the refrigerator. Reminder: I need bread. I didn’t have much of an appetite today, which is strange because I really eat much yesterday. Probably the heat. I eat less in the summer than any other time anyways. After I picked at my food, I cleaned the apartment. Vacuumed, did some laundry. Reminder: dryer sheets. Finishing up the dishes, I realized the air was turned off. It usually doesn’t get shut off until six in the evening. Considering it was so hot outside, I went down to the landlord to ask him why the air was shut off. Surprise, surprise, he had a mask on too. Only, he actually didn’t look to healthy. It could have been all in his mind, but still…

He told me that he got a number of calls requesting to have it turned off. He also said that he himself was freezing. Insane! How can anyone be cold when it’s so horribly hot out!? As I stormed out of the room, he yelled hoarsely after me to drink a lot of water. Unfortunately, I knew I had to follow his advice if I’m going to survive the heat tonight. As soon as I walked into the flat, my phone rang. I picked it up to hear my mom on the other end. She scolded me for not talking to her as often as she’d like, coughed, then told me to be careful. That there’s some virus that broke out in Milwaukee. She kept coughing. I asked if she was okay. She didn’t answer. After telling her that I loved her, she hung up without saying goodbye. My mouth felt dry and sticky, so I filled up my thermos with as-cold-as-Grove-water-gets water and sank back into the couch. My throat hurts a bit. I should call Lillian to tell them to tone down the cleaning supplies, they’re too strong.

Giving up on watching anything else, I turned on the news. The female newscaster’s gone now, I guess. You’d think they’d hire a new one before airing again.