Your Character's Name: Ursa


I look over at Mother. “Wha-at!”

“What in the world are you doing?”

“What’s Hawaii like, Ma?”

She laughs. “Around about what you look like, Haley.”

There’s a grassy field not far from my house. I found an old piece of rope and tied ninety six pieces of long grass to the rope, and then tied it around my waist. I braided some of the long pieces of grass together and stuck flowers in them. There aren’t many flowers left, around here. Mother always says there’d be more if I didn’t pick them so much.

“Do you like my lei, Ma? Do you? It’s grass, mostly, ‘cuz there weren’t enough flowers.”

“That’s because you pick them so often.”

I sigh. “They’re too pretty to leave in the field, Ma. Aren’t they?”

“Yes. Now go get some real clothes on. You’ll freeze to death out there!”

“Won’t Ma! Oh, please, can I just stay out until the sun goes to bed?”

“Oh, alright. Until the sun goes down. And then you come in and warm up.”


Three days later, Mother died.

I look up from the bright pink rose that distracted me in the first place from the man I saw run away.

Best see what’s wrong. Haven’t had any major human contact in two years. Should be interesting.