It's 2114 and the world lies in ruins...

Welcome to Rivertown, the shattered remnants of a great city once called Milwaukee.

First came the plague: a superflu that wiped out most of the earth's population. Society crumbled as the survivors scrambled to hold onto what they could as they world around them burned. But like a fighter lying broken on the mat, humanity finds a way to stagger through one more round. Some people organized, either to rebuild, to protect their wealth at any cost, or to finish the job the apocalypse started.

These are their stories.

So welcome. Feel free to take a look around. Learn the lay of the land. Get to know the locals. Scrounge through the rubble and see what you might find. As you'll discover, there's no right or wrong way to navigate Rivertown. Like the rest of us, you'll just have to learn how to get by the best you can.