Dahvin VonEiff

Waking up, Dahvin finds that his friend Arthur had disappeared in the night, during his shift. A note is found mentioning that he left to go check something out and that he would catch up with them.

I can't believe Arthur would do that, we could have easily died in the night because of his thoughtless actions. Anyone who would have done this back in the MPD
would have been whipped. I’m starting to worry that he’s lost his edge, the edge that was forged and sharpened through our time in training. I’m beginning to suspect he doesn’t really care about surviving, or much of anything anymore. I guess I don’t have much to live for either, but the thought of what the alternative means? I don’t like to think of it. It's a place I almost went to after the death of Amanda, and if anything like that happened again I would kill myself. That's why I can't let myself grow close to anyone.

When the group left the garage they found a strange riddle, "What is the weakest when it has the most support". Climbing a nearby pile, Dahvin cares more for who had left this riddle rather than what the answer could be. Kate wanders inside to poke around and Jane stands over the riddle thinking about it. Kate winds up calling for Jane and she heads inside.

Those two are so close, they claim to have been friends their whole lives. They may be trying to snow us but I am willing to believe them until they give me reason to do otherwise. Damn this world for driving people apart. I remember hearing stories about the world before, how people trusted each other and how there was order and peace. I want to see that.

While Dahvin thought to himself he notices some movement at the corner of the building. He makes his way as carefully as can while still running and hides on a small rubble pile by the corner. Looking up he sees someone jumping through the window into the building and he looks inside the closest window. There he sees a woman trying to pick the lock on the gate surrounding one of the cars in the dealership.

I better be careful about this, I don't want this to turn into another situation like the man from yesterday.

Dahvin shouts out to her "who are you and what are you doing here" and the woman startles like a rabbit. Quicker than Dahvin can react, the woman backflips out the window.

How in the hell did she do that? And God damn does she have a fine body.

As he comes back around the corner he sees the woman scaling the wall using some kind of spikes. Calling out to her produces no effect so Dahvin has to think fast before she is out of sight.

I don't want to shoot her, she is probably innocent. i can't let her get away either, she may sneak up behind us and kill us in our sleep. All I have here is a brick, so I guess it has to do.

Dahvin hefts the brick and it sails through the air, catching the woman in her side. She falls to the ground and goes limp. As he rushes up to her Dahvin can see she is still breathing and that she is just unconscious. Dahvin quickley calls out to Jane and she appears in seconds. The two tie her up with shoelaces and spare clothes, then bring her inside the garage. There they tie her to a workbench and Jane runs off to get Kate. While left alone Dahvin tries real hard not to look at the woman but can't help but notice that she looks exactly like his dead wife Amanda.

Am I that cursed that God would put this obstacle in my path? What the hell am I supposed to do?

Jane and Kate come running in and Jane starts freaking out about the woman. Dahvin notices that she is trying to free herself so he has Jane search her. He doesn't want to, he is too afraid of what he may do if he were to search her. Jane continued to freak out and demand we let her go but Jane and I insisted she was dangerous. By the time she finishes, Jane finds a a razor blade up each sleeve, a knife in her boot and a gun secured behind her. The woman was awake now and asked if she could be let free. They wind up freeing her but keeping their guard up. Eventually Kate gained her trust and she allowed Kate to check her for injuries. She found two ribs broken as well as some sizable bruises. After Kate patched her up, the woman agreed to not come after them and told her name, Diane.

Diane, a new name to a familiar face. Why couldn't she have just been pretty? Why did she have to look like my wife's twin?

Leaving the dealership behind, Dahvin was distracted the rest of the day thinking about Diane. Dahvin, for the first time in a long time, is happy. Thinking back about how she gave them keys to the garage, thinking about how she told them to visit again sometime.

She was so beautiful, she had a fire in her eyes which I have not seen in a long time. Maybe after this business is done I'll go back and check to see how she is doing.