Item name:
Abandoned MCTS Bus
Approx. 33,000 lbs.

Potential Transport, Shelter
This bus used to run on a quasi-hybrid system, combining gas and electric in an effort to support clean air sustainability initiatives. Since the depletion of gasoline as a power source, it is unlikely this bus will run again - unless a highly skilled engineer or scientist has the means to develop an alternative power source. It has been used as a shelter for scavengers traversing the land, and as such retains the odor of unshowered people. The display screen has long since died, though some say it occasionally displays the standard "Welcome Aboard" message when an electric current passes through. Many of the seats are broken and hanging off their wall mounts, some have been stolen from the bus. Tires are still intact (if a little low on air), because nobody has much use for bus tires these days. It is possible that a litter of cats has recently been birthed inside the bus. At least, that's what the smell suggests...
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