This site was initially created by a group of students enrolled in English 236 - Introductory Topics in Creative Writing: Gaming, World Building, and Narrative, offered at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in the spring 2011 semester. For more details, check out the course website.

As part of the course, students were required to create at least 10 items, 5 locations, and 5 characters to populate the world; the instructor then placed this content on a map. Students created player-characters whose identities they assumed as they explored the Greater Rivertown area in a series of role-playing campaigns. They then wrote vignettes (1000 words or less) about what their characters experienced.

The course officially ended mid-May 2011 but this site lives on, growing and evolving over time as contributors continue to add and edit content.

For more information, please contact the curator-in-chief, Trent Hergenrader, at or