Random Encounter.

Scavenge Table
Commerce Table

Commerce Table

No money exists in the post-apocalypse; commerce revolves around bartering and valuation of items depends on their usefulness and how easily obtainable they are. Common goods can be found most places and aren't worth much whereas Very Rare Items are highly sought after.

This conversion scale is a very rough estimate for trade:
3-5 Common items = 1 Uncommon item
6-10 Uncommon items = 1 Rare item
3-5 Rare items = 1 Very Rare item

The GM will have to use common sense when bartering, and note that you can't jump levels on the scale (e.g. 50 common items does not equal 1 Rare Item). There's also a lot leeway within these categories; Common edible food items or makeshift weapons will be worth something whereas buckets of broken glass won't ever add up to an Uncommon item; on the other hand, players may have a hard time trading four shivs for one hunting knife because why would a trader want that many shivs? Use your best judgement.

Many Commercial Locations offer trading opportunities, and they can be poorly-stocked, medium-stocked, or well-stocked. Here's a breakdown of the locations:
  • Poorly-stocked: 2d10 Common items, 2d10 Uncommon items, 5% chance of requested ammo
  • Medium-stocked: 2d10 Uncommon items, 1d10 Rare items, 40% chance of requested ammo
  • Well-stocked: 2d10 Uncommon Items, 1d10 Rare Items 1d10 Very Rare Items, 80% chance of requested ammo

The GM can either roll against the Item table or choose specific Items, whichever is deemed most efficient.

Keep in mind that all commercial vendors will defend their stock with their lives and will be equipped to do so. For example, a poorly-stocked store will likely be guarded by a lone storekeeper with a baseball bat, whereas a well-stocked trading hub will be guarded by many soldiers with machine guns.

Random Encounter

Throughout the campaign, players will have random encounters. The GM rolls percentile dice (2d10) and reads the table below to determine what kind of encounter it is. A second roll will tell the GM how many people or animals are encountered; for multiple dice, the dice are added together for a total number.

Example 1: The players decide to scavenge a location and fail their rolls; the location also has a mandatory Random Encounter. The GM rolls a 65, which is Scavenger-Attacker. A second 1d10 comes up as a 1, meaning there is a single attacker. A single attacker is unlikely to charge into a group, but might spring from hiding and try to grab a hostage to bargain for some goods.

Example 2: The Random Encounter rolls a 22, which is Bandits of the Hood. The GM rerolls a 5 and 3 for the number; 5 + 3 = 8, so there are eight Bandits in the encounter.

Encounter Table
Wild Dog attack
Alarming noise (no encounter)
Bandits of the Hood
No encounter
Scavenger (neutral)
Scavenger (attacker)
Keepers of the Flame
Wild Dog pack attack
Grazing deer
Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Northern Encounter Table
Wild Dog attack
Alarming noise (no encounter)
Bandits of the Hood
No encounter
Horsemen battling Bandits
1d10 ea.
Horsemen battling Traders
1d10 ea.
Horsemen battling Keepers
1d10 ea.
Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Scavenge Table

When available, players may choose to scavenge. This is a combination of perception + scavenge. For each success (6 or more) the GM rolls percentile dice (2d10) to determine the value of what has been found. A location may only be scavenged once so it's generally advisable for the person with the highest combo to be the designated scavenger (think about this as coordinating the scavenge efforts.)

Example: Marylou's group finds a Place that says "Scavenge Table" in the Inventory. Marylou has a three Perception and two Scavenge, giving her 5d10 to roll. She rolls 10-8-9-2-5; three successes! The GM rolls 2d10 x 3 times and gets 82-91-34. That equates to a Common Item, an Uncommon Item, and dirt and rubble. Another two rolls: 65 Common, 90 Uncommon. That's a Dog Carcass and a Sunflower. What a great haul (groan...)

Just because a character finds something, it doesn't mean that it's any good! Finding valuable stuff is pretty rare and takes some concerted effort. There are other people out in the wasteland trying to scavenge as well, so players must weigh the risk: is it worth hanging around and potentially running into someone to scavenge an area?

Successful Scavenge Table (2d10)
01-74: dirt and rubble, nothing of value
75-84: Common Item (little value)
85-94: Uncommon Item (some value)
95-98: Rare Item (good value)
99-100: Very Rare Item (great value)

Items (for all Items below, you can check it out by typing in the item name like this: eng236.wikispaces.com/Aluminum Foil

Common Item Table (2d10)
1 Aluminium Foil
2 Ball of String
3 Blu-ray Movie
4 Bone
5 Book
6 Box of Matchers
7-17 Broken Glass
18 Bulging can of Peaches
19 Business Card
20 Butter Knife
21 Candy Bar Wrapper
22 Cardboard box
23 Chocolate Chopper
24 Comforter
25 Converse - Green - Size 7
26-55 Dead Body
56 Desk Chair
57 Dinsey Coffee Mug
58 Dirty Teddy Bear
59-65 Dog Carcass
66 DVD case
67 Electric Desk Lamp
68 Empty Journal
69 First-Gen Classic iPod
70 Hair Ties
71 HDMI Cable
72 Instant Coffee Packet
73 Iphone-S4
74 Knife
75 Light Bulb
76 Nails
77 notebook
78 Painting
79 Pen
80 Pencil
81 picture frame
82-84 Pipe
85 Rubber Band Bracelet
86 scrap metal
87 Sharpie Marker
88-93 Shiv
94 Shoelaces
95 Spoon
96 Stick (Big)
97 Stop Sign
98 Strap of Leather
99 Table Leg
100 Thumbtack

Uncommon Item Table (2d10)

1-2 AA Batteries
3 Abandoned MCTS Bus
4 Aladdin VHS Tape
5 Alcohol Lamp
6 Apocalypse Now DVD
7-8 Apple
9 Avenged Sevenfold - Waking the Fallen (CD)
10 bag of jelly beans
11 Bag of Peanuts
12 Baked Beans
13-14 Bandages
15 Beanie
16 Bedpost
17 Bicycle Wheel
18 Bodum Coffee Plunger
19 Box of Comics
20 Box of LEGOS
21 Brass Knuckles
22 Camo Cloak
23 Can of Worms
24 Canned Cranberries
25 Canned Peaches
26-27 Canvas Tennis Shoe
28 Cat Statue
29 Ceramic Elephant
30-31 Cocktail de Malotov
32 Coffee Thermos
33-34 Condom
35 Contact Lenses
36 Crowbar
37-38 Cuban Cigars
39 Deoderant
40 Duct Tape
41 Duster
42 Eraser
43-44 Factory First Aid Kit
45 Family Size - Doritios Cooler Ranch
46 Fancy Feast Appetizers
47 Fire Axe
48 Fishing Pole
49 Flashlight
50 Glass Erlenmeyer Flask
51-52 Golf Club
53 Grape Kool-Aid Drink Mix
54 Gyokuro Imperial Green Tea
55 Haribo Gold-Bears
56-57 Human Meat
58 iPad
59 Iron Tea Kettle
60 Kaleidoscope
61 Leather Jacket
62 LED Pocket Light
63 Lunchables
64 Machete
65 Molotov Cocktail
66 Mountain Bike
67 Nail Bat
68 Nook
69 Water Bottle
70 Weathered Windbreaker
71-72 Pipe Bomb
73 Progresso Chicken Noodle Soup
74-75 Rundown
76 Rusty Saw
77 Scissors
78 Sidewalk chalk
79 Sleeping Bag
80 Snow Shovel
81 Spaghettios
82 Stale chips
83 Stale Crakers
84 Steak Knife
85 Steel Toe Boots
86 Steel Toe Combat Boots
87 Stereo Headphones
88 Straight Edge Ruler
89 Stuff Soup
90 Sunflower
91 Sunglasses
92 Syringe with Needle
93 Tangled fishing line with hooks
94 Tarp
95 TI-89
96 Towel
97 Trench Spike
98 Turducken Flavored Canned Dog Food
99 Unmarked Can (Sealed)
100 Venison

Rare Item Table (2d10)
1 .22 Caliber Pistol
2 1911 Semi-Auto Pistol
3 Aged MREs
4 Amphetamine Pills
5 Axegun
6 Bear Jerky in Animal Skin Satchel
7 Binoculars
8 Black Widow Pistol
9 Bolex Film Camera
10 Bottle o' Poison
11 Box of Fireworks
12 C4
13 Classical guitar
14-16 Colt 45 Revolver
17 Combat Master
18 Computer Hardware
19 Crowbar (Titanium)
20 Do-It-Yourself Magazine
21 Dog Whistle
22 Fender Jazz Bass
23 Fryed Black Robe
24-26 Gasoline
27 Glock 17
28 Goggles
29 Grappling Gun
30 Hand Cranked Radio
31 Happy Days Box Set
32-34 Hunting Bow
35-37 Hunting Rifle
38 Instructional Pamphlet - Dealing with Raiders
39 Land Mine
40-41 Laptop
42 Lockpick Set
43 M1911 Pistol
44 Magnifying Glass
45 Modern Scuba Gear
46-47 Mosin Nagant
48 Museum Crossbow
49 Mustard Gas Grenade
50 Nemesis HT
51 Organic Chemistry Textbook
52 Paintball Vest
53 Paracord
54-56 Police Nightstick
57-59 Police Riot Helmet
60 Portable Generator
61 Presto Poplite Popcorn Popper
62-63 Pump Action Shotgun
64 Refurbished Walther CP99 Compact Recon BB Air Pistol
65 Replica Spartan Helmet
66 Respirator
67-68 Revolver
69 Riot Gear Armor (heavy)
70 Robot Cop's Gun
71 Rubber Duck
72 Saber
73 Safety Net
74-75 Scythe
76 Shetland Pony
77 Smith & Wesson Governor
78 Sodium
79 Spiked Football Pads
80 Steam Powered Semi
81 Super Soaker
82-83 Taser C2
84 That Gun
85 Time Capsule
86 Tobacco Pipe
87 Toothpaste
88 Walkie-Talkie
89-90 Watch
91 Water Purifier
92-93 Winchester M70
94-95 Winter Gloves
96-97 Winter Jacket
98 Wiscom SIM Card
99 WIST-94
100 WWII Combat Armor

Very Rare Item Table (2d10)
1-3 .50 Cal Canon
4-6 Aged Elephant rifle
7-9 AKS-74 Rifle
10-12 AR-15 Carbine
13-15 BFG1000x
16-18 DetonicsDTX
19-21 Directional EMP Rifle
22-24 Directional EMP Rifle Li-ion Battery Pack
25 Domesticated Bear
26-28 ED-209
29-31 Field Plate
32-34 Gauss Rifle Mk. 3 Military Issue
35-37 H.E.P. Armor
38-40 Hal 5 Powered Exoskeleton
41-43 Improvised Lithium Bomb
44-46 L115A1 Sniper Rifle
47 Launch Keys
48-50 M.A.H. Laser
51-53 Mauser C96
54-56 Mini Nuke (Fat Man unnecessary!)
57-59 Mk3A2
60 Personal Blimp
61-63 Philosopher's Stone
64-66 Plastic Explosive
67-69 Power Ballistic Skin Suit
70-72 Skeletor Staff
73-75 Traffic Control
76-78 Zastava M77 Assult Rifle
79-81 .50 Cal Canon
82-84 AKS-74 Rifle
85-87 AR-15 Carbine
88-90 L115A1 Sniper Rifle
91-93 Mauser C96
94-96 Plastic Explosive
97-99 Zastava M77 Assult Rifle
100 AR-15 Carbine