Here are some of the world details, and remember that everything is open for discussion:

YEAR of OUR STORY: about 2114 (103 years in the future)

YEAR of the APOCALYPSE: about 2052 (41 years in the future)

LOCATION: Greater Milwaukee

TIME: mid-October

SUNRISE/SUNSET: About 6:00 am to 5:30 PM, giving about 12 hours of sunlight maximum per day

STATE of the WORLD: Pretty rundown. Imagine a city burning without anyone to put it out. Imagine about 60-odd years of looting and scavenging have happened. Survivors probably stocked up on the low-hanging fruit, but untouched pockets probably still exist here and there if you look hard enough. But could there still be pockets of disease too? Are the new generations immune to the old plague? (by my calculations, you'd probably have 3-4 generations if people kept having kids in their early 20s)

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TECHNOLOGY: let's think--what kind of tech will we realistically have in about 40 years? What kind of tech did we have 40 years ago from today in 1971? In other words, people still aren't flying around on personal jetpacks, now are they... And the shotguns and beef jerky of 1971 are, more or less, the shotguns and beef jerky of today.

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POPULATION: (in progress)

2010 census for Greater Milwaukee: 1,751,316
2050 census for Greater Milwaukee: 1,961,474
2070 census for Greater Milwaukee: ?